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Enjoy benefits not found at many wineries, including up to 30% off wines and events every time you purchase.

Membership Overview

Winery membership is a subscription service where in exchange for purchasing periodic releases (Feb, May, Sep, Dec), you receive substantial price breaks and other benefits. There is no cost to join, and you may cancel anytime. Release notifications arrive via email, but details are always available under the Current Release section below. New members receive their first release at signup, and the next release at its normal release time. If signing up during the month prior to the next release (e.g., Apr for the May release), members may opt for the next release to be their signup wines. Read more about our types of membership, member benefits, and complete policies below.

Premier Membership*

  • 6 bottles each release (Feb, May, Sep, Dec)
  • 30% off wines
  • no cost to join

Coterie Membership*

  • 3 bottles each release (Feb, May, Sep, Dec)
  • 20% off wines
  • no cost to join

*All memberships:

  • your choice of wines for your allocation
  • shipping included on 3+ bottles
  • expedited shipping in the summer
  • benefits sharing
  • priority access to our most limited wines
  • cancel anytime

Current Release — 2024 Winter

Welcome to the 2024 Winter members release, which was announced the week of Feb 12, 2024.

We are thrilled to share a unique selection of three Pinot Noirs for this release. The 2020 Catie's Corner Pinot Noir, our final release of 2020, is a natural-style wine featuring the vivacity, fruitiness, and crisp character more often found in white wines. The 2021 Las Nietas Vineyard Pinot Noir, our final release of 2021, is another example of 2021's marvelous depth of flavor. Our 2019 Kirk Williams Ranch Pinot Noir, normally the most robust wine of the set, has a special finesse that continues to develop with age. We're offering the 2020 Catie's Corner Pinot Noir at pricing normally for our white wines to keep overall release pricing around its usual point.

Each of our members releases focuses around some of our most limited and special wines, which we offer first, or only, to members. As you read more about each wine and the special place from which it originates, we think you'll find the selections inviting. However, as always, you are welcome to substitute or add to your allocation any wines that you prefer. To make changes, simply follow the instructions below under Receiving Your Wines.

Receiving Your Wines

To begin, sign in to your account to update your payment method and request any changes and additions to your allocation by Sunday, Feb 25. If attending a pickup party, you are welcome to do this in person. Options for receiving your wines are listed below.

Option 1
Taste and/or pick up during any of the pickup parties below. Enjoy some additional wines and complimentary appetizers as well.

Option 2
Reserve a tasting and pick up another weekend. Reserve now.

Option 3
Update your account to have us ship your wines. Complimentary shipping is included with 3+ bottles anytime for all members.

For wines not picked up by Sunday, Feb 25, we will bill and prepare your wines starting Monday, Feb 26. For wines to be shipped, shipping will start the week of Feb 26, weather permitting to your destination. We may delay your shipment until weather is safe enough en route, or we may expedite via air. We are truly grateful for your membership. Thank you!

  • Pickup Parties
    (attend any date best for you)
  • Friday, Feb 23, 5-8 pm
  • Saturday, Feb 24, 1-5 pm
  • Sunday, Feb 25, 1-5 pm

Membership Policy

In exchange for all the benefits of membership, and by providing the winery with your payment card on file, you acknowledge that you are part of a subscription service with recurring charges for member releases as described above, until you cancel your membership. To cancel your membership, email We do not issue refunds for releases once processed per the date stated in each release announcement. Please stay up to date with your membership and contact us with any questions. Details about complimentary shipping are covered by our shipping policy listed under Delivery Options on our order page.

New members receive their first release at signup, and the next release at its normal release time. If signing up during the month prior to the next release, members may opt for the next release to be their signup wines. Memberships with payments 30 days past due after the release date (first pickup event) are automatically canceled by the winery. Memberships with wines not picked up within 30 days of the release date may be canceled. Rejoining may be subject to a waiting list. We may ship wines not picked up 30 days after the release date, even if you elected to pick up. After 30 days, we cannot guarantee the specific wines in your allocation.

Terms of winery membership are subject to change, and are communicated via email to the email address on file with your membership.

About the Winery

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coterie — noun.
A small group with shared interests or tastes.

Since 2007, Coterie has produced wines from tiny parcels within acclaimed vineyards that express the distinction of their place. We make every wine berry to bottle by hand with exceptional care in the vineyard and non-interventional practices at the winery. The winery is nestled in a cozy neighborhood near downtown San Jose, where it transformed an old warehouse into a beautiful place for wine.